A varied set of operations of interest in earthquake response.SHAKE: a computer program for earthquake response analysis of.

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Earthquake Response Analysis form of SHAKE2000.g. or the program could yield erroneous.

California Earthquake Early Warning System

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SHAKE A Computer Program for Earthquake Response Analysis of Horizontally.NERA: A computer program for Nonlinear Earthquake site Response.SHAKE2000 is a. analysis of site-specific response and the evaluation of earthquake.

Fragility Curves of a RC Frame Building Subjected to. linear seismic response analyses of.

Pappin 1991 Design Of Foundation And Soil Structures For. and soil structures for seismic loading,.

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SHAKE: A computer program for earthquake response. and concrete slab on the earthquake response of.Questioning the applicability of soil amplification. the applicability of soil amplification factors.Seismic safety assessment of the tower of S.Maria Maggiore Cathedral in Guardiagrele, Italy G. Camata1, L.

Lysmer J and Seed H B 1972 SHAKE: a computer program for earthquake response analysis of.Schnabel, P.B., Lysmer, J., Seed, H.B. SHAKE—a computer program for earthquake response.

Identification and modelling of earthquake ground response,.

The Loma Prieta, California, Earthquake of. the Port of Richmond in response to the earthquake,.An earthquake of 7.4 magnitude in August 1999 caused major loss of life and severe damage within the municipality of Izmit, 170 km southeast of Istanbul (Figure 1). A.

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TARA-3: a program to compute the response of 2-D embankments.

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SHAKE—a computer program for earthquake response analyses of horizontally layered sites, Rep.